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Pricelist, TOS and Gallery :3Open Slots: November
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My telegram: @zukori
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if someone is writing you from another account than these above and sending you pictures of my work as an example, it's probably a scammer!

Medium plush


height- 12'/30 cm in the sitting pose
lenght around 20'/50 cm from the front paws to tail tip lying pose
expedited registred shipping 25USD
(USA)Fedex shipping 70 USD
Lying down, standing, sitting, any from your idea.

Big plush


lenght- 25'/65 cm front paws to tail tip lying pose
expedited registred shipping 25USD
(USA)Fedex Shipping- 70-80 USD
Lying down, standing, sitting, any from your idea.

Super big Plush


100cm/39' in the lying pose from front paws to back paws
expedited registred shipping 30-40 USD
(USA)Fedex shipping- to estimate
Lying down, standing, sitting, any from your idea.

additional elements

Faux fur + 12$ each colorGradients embroidery elements only like eyes, paw pads, body markings, etc. + 12$Accessories Each additional item like a glasses, tie, feathers, bandana, socks, collar, clothes will cost 10$- 20$Glitter elements +7$
Magnet elements +7$
Glowing in dark embroidery thread elements + 12$

Terms of service

1. General Terms ✬
All plushies are made in my own style, based on my own taste. Example of my previous work are available at my gallery. Expect your item to be made in a similar fashion.
✬ Plushies produced and sold to you are collector's items. They are not intended as toys for animals or children and should not be subjected to constant pressure or other potentially harmful factors.✬ My plushies are made with minky, with details embroided with the use of a professional embroidering machine.2. Payment
✬ Payment is only accepted upfront, through PayPal. It is to be made no later than by the beginning of the month, based on its assigned slot (for ex. If your reservation is for a slot in July, the payment must be made by the start of July). No routes of payment other than PayPal are currently being accepted.
3. Cancellation
✬ Once the order has been paid for, it cannot be cancelled.
4. Returns
✬ Sorry, returns are not accepted.
5. Sewing
✬ On average, your plushie should be completed within one month of placing the order - occasionally, the process may take longer in the presence of specific or unforeseen circumstances, in which case you'll be informed and kept up to date.
✬ If requested, WIPs can be provided to the client to show progress. However, adjustments other than those required due to an error on my part will not be made.
6. Shipment
✬ All plushies are sent with tracking, I reserve the right to not be held liable for packages damaged or lost by the carrier. This condition is final. If you do not agree to it, please do not place any orders with me.
7. Damaged goods
✬ If any item you buy becomes damaged on arrival, it will be repaired and sent back to you free of charge.
✬ If a plushie becomes damaged at any point after its arrival, it can be repaired, but the cost of shipment (both ways) shall be covered by the buyer.


Quote form

Character name:
Size: Medium/Big/Super big/ Bigger
Acessories: yes/no
Clothes: yes/no
Hairstyle: No /Mane only/ full hairstyle
Faux fur elements: yes/no
Glitter elements: yes/no
Glowing in the dark elements: yes/no
Body: sturdy, in one pose(very well stuffed)/floppy and poseable (less stuffed)
Shipping: Normal/Fedex
Your country:

please send filled form to my email- [email protected] or DM me on twitter- @kitsewstudio